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Our Adult programs are person centered for those 18 years and older and designed with a focus on fostering friendship, welcoming inclusion and inspiring communities. Our team based approach strives for empowering our citizens with disabilities to continue growing their personal capacity and individualism, while embracing and enhancing their independence and contribution.

As an Accredited Agency and service provider, we work closely with Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) of the Alberta Government to assist individuals and families with their support needs. Access to our services is available through PDD referral and based on an individual’s determined level and type of care along with associated PDD funding.

Supports through other means of funding supports are also provided on an approved basis such as Homecare and Alberta Health Services.

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Community Access Support

Everyone deserves to have a sense of belonging within their community. It’s about communities sending signals of acceptance and inclusion, and about individuals cultivating their own connections to community.

Community Access provides the opportunity for Adults to be a part of their community through clubs, classes and meet-up groups.  This could look like an enjoying a community festival, joining  a community club, or taking part in a meet-up group to catch a hockey game and some good eats.  Meaningful participation can simply look like groups of people who get together on a regular basis   to do an activity together or discuss things that are important to them.

In order to build friendships, welcome inclusion and inspire community we normally do these activities in a group setting within the community,    but we can provide 1:1 support needs if the adult cannot manage in a group.

Respite Support (Hourly & Overnight)

Respite Support is having the means to take a break from the daily challenges of caring for an individual with a disability.  It can be planned for a few hours or for as long as a week.  

CommunityAim provides a full range of In-Home and Out-of-Home Respite Support.  In-Home is an hourly respite service that is planned and scheduled in advance.  Out-of-Home respite support may be offered before and after school or work, on weekends, or on an as-needed basis at one of CommunityAim’s respite homes.

Families and individuals may choose to schedule hourly time or a number of days as best meets their needs.

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Community Homes and Support Homes

At CommunityAim we are community driven and, therefore, our homes are called Community Homes. They are located throughout the community in vibrant, family orientated neighbourhoods offering close proximity to parks, schools, shops, walking trails, transportation and community amenities.


Our community homes are staffed by dedicated staff who are focused on ensuring an individual has an enjoyable home-like setting that is safe and comfortable. The services are designed to empower independence and community access, while based on an individual’s strengths and needs.


In addition to more traditional Community Homes, an additional alternative may be Support homes.  Support Homes are run by host home providers contracted by CommunityAim and who accept an individual with a disability to live in their home as part of their family.

Employment Support

Employment Support provides training and assistance to individuals with a disability to find a job and

who may need regular, ongoing support in the workplace to maintain paid employment. Employment

Support options include Employment Preparation and Employment Placement.

Employment Preparation assists individuals in developing specific skills and knowledge for the purpose

of obtaining paid employment. This may include training, post-secondary education, work-experience,

volunteering, career exploration and job search/development.

Employment Placement assists individuals with maintaining paid employment. This assistance may include on-the-job support to the individual meet employer expectations and/or development of a work environment that best supports the individual.  

Employment, no matter how it looks, provides a sense of well-being, accomplishment and belonging, which in turn empowers the individual to feel accepted.  

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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) program is ideal for adults with an intellectual disability that require minimal and individualized support in areas such as finances, home management and developing community connections.


The SIL program provides supports to independent people living in their own home. Supports are not provided around the clock; but may range from a few hours a day to several hours per week.

The frequency, schedule, and content of the supports provided are aimed at enhancing people’s ability to live as independently as possible.

Social Nights and Social Events

Part of CommunityAim’s mission is to Foster Friendships and therefore we strive to create social opportunities through social nights and social events.  We place these opportunities on our website and send out information when they are planned to ensure all individuals

we support have the opportunity to partake in these activities.


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