AISH Increase

Posted November 2018


After decades of advocacy by Inclusion Alberta and the broader disability community the day has finally arrived in Alberta when AISH will be indexed to increases in the cost of living.  For more information please go to:




PDD Program Review

A review of the Persons with Developmental Disabilities program will explore how to improve services for Albertans with developmental disabilities.

The review is part of the government’s commitment to improve supports for Albertans with disabilities.

“We are committed to listening to and working with the community on all issues that matter to them to make life better for Albertans with disabilities. This review will be an opportunity to explore ways to ensure this program remains relevant to the needs of Albertans today and into the future. I look forward to working closely and collaboratively with individuals, families, staff and advocates in shaping and conducting this review.”

Irfan Sabir, Minister of Community and Social Services

For more information please click link below

In the community

Coffee Talk

FREE Parent Coffee Social at your neighborhood coffee house, for parents trying to re-charge and connect with other families raising children with complex needs.

The 3rd Tuesday of Each Month
6:30PM – 8:30PM
Perks Coffee House

Spruce Grove, Alberta
Drop Ins always Welcome!


Disability Services (Children and Youth birth - up to 18th birthday)

Parents of children with disabilities sometimes need support so they can raise their children at home and fully participate in community life.

The Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program provides a wide range of family-centred supports and services. Services are meant to help strengthen families’ ability to promote their child’s healthy development and encourage their child’s participation in activities at home and in the community.


Christmas Movie Drive In

Home Alone Poster (2).png

Date: November 20th 2021

Time: 6:00 PM, parking begins at 5:30 PM

Address: 505 Queen St. Spruce Grove AB


Please pre order tickets by e-transfering info@communityaim.org, please send us an email with your name so that we can send you a ticket.

Eventbrite link will be added soon

Tickets are $25 per car

Santa and his Elves will be handing out gifts, milk and cookies. We look forward to seeing you.

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Upcoming Events


Christmas Movie Drive In - Nov 20th 2021  5:00PM

Order your tickets today!


Inclusion Alberta - Advocate for Children and Adults

Inclusion Alberta is a family-based non-profit federation that advocates on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. Together, we share a dream of meaningful family life and community inclusion for individuals with developmental disabilities. As an advocacy organization we support families and individuals in their desire to be fully included in community life.

Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) - Adults

Financial and health benefits for eligible Albertans with a permanent medical condition that prevents them from earning a living.

Disability Services (PDD) - Adults (18+)

PDD funds programs and services to help adult Albertans with developmental disabilities to be a part of their communities and live as independently as they can.

The program funds four kinds of staffing supports based on an individualized service plan:

  • Community Living Supports help individuals in their home (for example: meal planning and housekeeping)

  • Employment Supports train, educate and support individuals to get and keep jobs

  • Community Access Supports help individuals participate in their community (for example: volunteering, going to clubs, sports and other activities)

  • Specialized Community Supports are generally short-term supports to help with special circumstances (for example: extra help when a person is having trouble)

Disability Services (FSCD) - Children and Youth (up to age 18) - Parents of children with disabilities sometimes need support so they can raise their children at home and fully participate in community life.

The Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program provides a wide range of family-centred supports and services. Services are meant to help strengthen families’ ability to promote their child’s healthy development and encourage their child’s participation in activities at home and in the community.

Gateway Association

In 1975, a group of passionate parents fought to open doors for their children. Gateway Association emerged as the “Gateway to a better life” they envisioned for people with disabilities and their families.

Gateway is a family resource centre and an employment resource centre that provides education, family support, mentorship and inclusive employment. It is our mission to assist the community to understand disabilities.

Are we missing a great resource that you think we should add? You can let us know by sending us an email with the suggestion to info@communityaim.org

COVID-19 update - As of June 10, 2021 


Based on the announcement today by the Alberta Government we as an agency are not considered general public due to the support needs of individuals we support.  Due to this, we must follow CMOH orders over and above restriction announcements.  Some of the announcements today may or may not be able to be introduced based on the current CMOH order in place.  Please read each section carefully.


Based on Alberta Government restrictions will be lifted over 3 stages with approximate – Not confirmed start dates – Stage 2 (June 10, 2021), and Stage 3 (To be announced)


Note: Bold Black is the Government of Alberta Restriction and Bold Blue is CommunityAim Response

Stage 2 (June 10, 2021) :

Two weeks after 60% of Albertans 12+ (born in 2009 or earlier) have received at least one dose and hospitalizations are below 500 and declining. Expected to be in effect in mid-June.


Outdoor social gatherings - up to 20 people with distancing (indoor social gatherings still not permitted)  - Due to limited areas at many CommunityAIM locations Phase 1 guidelines (maximum 5) remain in effect to ensure the physical distancing requirement.


Indoor recreation, entertainment and other settings (rec centres, arenas, casinos, cinemas, theatres, museums, galleries, libraries, etc.) - open at 1/3 of fire code occupancy – Although we are very excited about this restriction being lifted and want to get moving on this – Except for libraries CommunityAim will not be visiting the possibility of going to these locations for 7 days after opening.  Due to past restrictions being lifted only to be put back in place shortly after and causing great disappointment we want to ensure this does not happen again.  CommunityAIM will make the decision based on numbers to fully or partially open up locations on June 17th (should the June 10th projected date be put in place).  If families would like to partake in such activities with their family member you are welcome to do so prior to when CommunityAIM will start partaking in such activities.


Gyms and fitness studios - open for solo and drop-in activities and indoor fitness classes with 3 metre distancing

Should any individuals have been part of a gym prior to the restrictions being put in place we will assist them in returning and continuing their fitness regime.  At this time we are not able to assist anyone wanting to join as a new member to a gym or fitness class however we hope to be able to lift this when support staff are deemed stable within the agency as a whole.

Places of worship - 1/3 of fire code occupancy

Based on the rules that the church an individual attends we will follow.  All attendees are expected to wear a mask and follow physical distancing expectations of no less than 6 feet.

Restaurants - 6 people per table max, indoors or outdoors

We are excited about this too but we do not want to jump into it too quickly.  Just like the Indoor Rec, entertainment, etc, we will be waiting 7 days before planning anything to ensure there is no disappointment.  However, having said that if an individual is able to follow masking, physical distancing, and has been vaccinated and families would like to take their family member out to a restaurant we are happy to say GO FOR IT! Please let the house/staff know at least 24hrs to ensure that all staff is made aware and your family member is ready for when you arrive.


Retail - 1/3 of fire code occupancy (must maintain the ability to distance)

Same Guidelines as Stage 1


Youth and adult sports - resume with no restrictions, indoors and outdoors

These events have been missed – Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Football, etc.  We are in the process of sourcing tickets to these events again and will make them available to families and individuals as well as staff as soon as we are able.  These will be a hot item this year and therefore the number of opportunities may be less this year but we will take whatever comes our way.  We will however only partake as an agency in sports events that prove to be following proper protocols.  Should we get tickets that cannot prove this we will donate these tickets to Kids Up Front until such time as it is safe to attend.


Outdoor public gatherings (concerts/festivals) - up to 150 people

We have made a decision to not attend such events outside of CommunityAIM planned events (ie annual picnic) of this size at this time.  We are not able to ensure adequate safe practices at all times at such.  As time passes and numbers remain stable for a 2-week timeframe we will re-visit such opportunities. 

Families are welcome to take their family member that COmmunityAIM supports to events however we strongly encourage all families to ensure they practice safety guidelines if they should choose to attend such events. 


Work from home order is lifted but still recommended

This was never a restriction put in place for us.  It has been business as usual behind a locked front door.  We will continue to have the door locked until Stage 3.


Distancing and masking requirements remain in effect

And the news you have all been waiting for Sorry to make you wait but we wanted to make sure you read everything else first

Effective June 4th

CommunityAIM will be opening up visits home.  We will be using the guidelines when the last restrictions were lifted.

  • Overnights can be for a maximum of 3 x 23 hour periods - UPDATED June 10th

  • Any symptoms that should arise while the individual is away will require the individual to remain at their visit site and not return back to their permanent home until symptoms are gone.

  • If an individual has symptoms that arise once back from the visit they will be required to isolate for 3-10 days dependent on the length of time to receive a COVID test result and recommendation of Alberta Health Services.  If Negative the individual does not need to remain in isolation.  If Positive the individual will be required to be in isolation for 14 days or as directed by Alberta Health Services. 

  • Please remember that even if you and the individual are vaccinated, it does not mean you or the individual cannot get COVID and spread it to others.  If you have been around anyone who has been in close contact with someone with COVID or who has traveled recently we strongly recommend you wait till 14 days have passed since you were in contact with that person before taking your family member.


We will Update Stage 3 and further updates to restrictions as it is announced

We would like to acknowledge everyone for all the hard work and dedication in helping keep everyone safe over the last year.  Thank you to everyone who has helped book, assist and help get staff members, Individuals, and family members vaccinated.  Your assistance helped get us closer to where we want to be for our loved ones and give us the ability to celebrate milestones and holidays, picnics, and vacations together again.