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Our Children & Youth programs are family centric and designed with a focus on friendship, inclusion and communities. Our team based approach strives for empowering our young citizens with disabilities to discover, develop and grow their personal capacity and individualism. Through this vital phase, the life skills learned provide the building blocks for fostering long lasting friendships, welcoming inclusion and inspiring themselves and the communities in which they live.   


As an Accredited Agency, we work closely with Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) of the Alberta Government to assist families with support needs. As such, we can assist you with developing service and needs assessments, funding arrangements and Individual Service Plans for your child. Additionally, we provide direct billing to FSCD, which allows for you and your family to focus your time on what matters most. 

Out-of-School Care

Work related Respite enables the Parent / Guardian to work and have supports for their child that may not be able to be provided within a typical daycare setting.  This support is provided 6:30am - 8:30 am and 2:30pm - 6pm during school days and 6:30am - 6pm on non-school days such as PD Days.  

School day activities include homework assistance, creative development through crafts and imaginary play, board games and outdoor play.  Non-School In-house activities include a large outdoor play area, creative and imagination building activities, sensory activities, various game style activities, and movies.  As well, we take part in off-site activities which include trail walking parks, playgrounds, swimming, bowling, special events, and taking in a movie at the local movie theatre.

Community Access Support

Community Access provides opportunities for children & Youth to be fully engaged within their community and with peers.

Besides partaking in community opportunities such as joining an adapted local baseball program or a community cooking class we also offer fun activities in the community for youth, including trips to the swimming pool, movie theatre, bowling and available drop in opportunities at local community locations.

We normally do these activities as a group based, but we can provide 1:1 support needs if the youth cannot manage in a group.

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Respite Support (Hourly & Overnight)

Hourly Respite for the parent/Guardian can look different for every family.  It can be used by the Parent/Guardian to be able to do household tasks within their home or community, spend time with other family members, provide the ability to partake in a class or just go for a coffee with a friend.   

This support is done on a scheduled basis.  We normally do this support on a 1:1 basis however group based respite options are also available throughout the year 

Community Homes (Out-of-Home Placement)

At CommunityAim we are community driven and therefore our homes are called Community Homes not the traditional Group Homes. 

Our community homes are staffed by dedicated staff who are focused on ensuring a safe, fun, learning and stimulating environment to support the unique needs of each individual child within a home setting.  Upon agreements with Parents/Guardians we also provide ongoing support with cultural and spiritual, appointment booking and attendance, school enrollment and attendance, as well as diet modification, and behavioural supports.

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Summer Camps, Social Nights, Social Events 

The Building Connections opportunities are great opportunities for fostering friendships and building social skills.   

The Building Connections Summer Program takes part during the months of July and August. The program provides an opportunity for individuals to continue to develop skills through fun weekly themed activities during school break.   Community based activities are a strong aspect to this program and individuals take part in daily activities within the community rain or shine.

The Building Connections Teen Social Club (12 - 17 years old) currently meets once a month within the community.  Activities are based on the interests of the club members and they choose the activity for the next month.  The social club also meets approx 2-3 extra days a year for special events such as concerts, sporting events, and or festivals.

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